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Meditation is the practice that helps a person to develop mentally and spiritually. There are many forms of meditation, but the type we teach is based on the principle “as you think so you become”. During this meditation one concentrates one’s mind on a positive and uplifting thought. If one does this on a regular basis it leads to a profound state of peace and harmony.

Our instructors, who have years of experience, will show you how to meditate using proven techniques that will enable you to withdraw your mind from the distractions of the “outside” world and concentrate within. 

Meditation quiets the central nervous system, lowers blood pressure by as much as 20% and has a profound effect on physical health. In addition, the regular practice of meditation builds up a person’s capacity to concentrate and learn anything, making it the best form of mental exercise.  

As the mind is drawn within, we experience a deeper sense of peace and harmony in life by concentrating on the infinite. 

With a calm body, a controlled mind and a blissful spirit, we become more ideal human beings, ready to render dynamic social service to the world.

Meditation means to look within your mind to feel the bliss that is the essence of your existence.

Benefits of meditation:

  • Physical health

  • Stress relief

  • Stress relief.

  • Vitality and zest for life

  • Clarity of mind

  • Increased concentration and memory

  • Increased motivation, willpower and determination

  • Self-confidence and awareness

  • Creative insight

  • Love for all

  • Inner peace and happiness

We offer meditation sessions, meditation retreats, and individualized instructions.

Individualised Instruction in Meditation and Asanas

Meditation and Asanas can be part of your individual daily habit just as you take a daily shower to refresh yourself. Similarly a set of well-chosen exercises for your body and mind can be a part of your daily routine. Remember bad health is the result of a few unhealthy habits repeated every day. Similarly  guaranteed good health is the result of a few healthy habits repeated every day.

Individualized meditation techniques are taught upon request by specialized meditation teachers free of charge on personal appointment basis. Similarly yoga posture (asanas) can be prescribed for one’s personal health for daily practice at home for free of charge by our teachers by appointment.


“Who am I?”, “Where have I come from?” What is my purpose
in life?” These age-old questions are given meaningful answers in yogic philosophy. Yoga explains that there is one Supreme Consciousness behind the diversity of this physical world. The careful study of yogic philosophy provides a key to understanding the origin of the universe, the development of life and evolution to higher forms of consciousness. The structure of the human mind and the process of meditation can also be better understood by an exploration of this 7000-year-old philosophy.

We hold regular classes, lectures, seminars and workshops that explain the different aspects of yogic philosophy.

Health and Diet

Ffollowing a proper way of life can prevent most of the physical and mental problems that people suffer today. An important part of yoga is the observance of simple rules of diet and health. A vegetarian diet can be extremely helpful, not only in maintaining physical health but also in contributing to one’s mental peace.

While good food is vital to one’s health, fasting is equally important. Our body needs periodic rest and this includes our digestive organs. If you were told to work 52 weeks per year, seven days per week, without any rest, you would not like it and would eventually collapse. The same is true with our digestion system. Fasting is the way to give rest to the digestive system. The proper technique for safe and effective fasting is taught in our courses, along with other yogic “health secretes.”

The relationship between physical and mental health is taught in our courses and classes.

Social Works

When a person experiences the benefits of yoga one naturally develops the desire to share this newly gained strength and energy with others. In the highest stage of yoga, a person identifies him or herself with the entire universe and develops the desire to serve others. Throughout the world, practitioners of yoga are engaged in social service projects that include disaster relief, education, health care and agricultural development. 
Yoga Cyprus encourages its members to take part in local social service activities as well as to support social service programs in other parts of the world. You can volunteer yourself and take part in our activities.

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